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Information Technologies Consultancy and Project Planning is a process that provides consultancy services regarding information technologies to companies or individuals.

These services are customized according to customers' needs and aim to ensure the correct use of information technologies.

  • Consultancy and Project Planning Processes

    • IT Strategy and Planning: Developing an IT strategy in line with the goals of the business and creating a plan for it.
    • System and Software Selection: Selecting the information systems and software that best suit the needs of the business.
    • Business Process Analysis: Analyzing the company's current business processes and offering improvement suggestions.
    • Infrastructure and Hardware Solutions: Determining the infrastructure needs of the business and recommending appropriate hardware solutions.
    • Database Management: Providing support in database design, optimization and management.
    • Security and Monitoring: Evaluating information security measures and resolving security vulnerabilities when necessary.
    • Project Management: Providing consultancy on the planning, coordination and follow-up of IT projects.
    • Training and Support: Providing training and support so that users can use new systems effectively.